Monday, March 3, 2008

Summer 1984-- When Clowns Go Bad

I didn't remember this at all until I found it in my journal, but soon after Big A joined the band we started calling ourselves "The Hotel Puppets". What the?!? This unfortunate moniker appears in the May 30th entry. Fourteen days later we had our first gig, under the name "When Clowns Go Bad" (taken from the caption of a Gary Larson cartoon). This circus-theme-as-band-name thing would stick around for another eight years.

Summer '84 songlist:

"We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together" Velvet Underground
"Sixteen Tons" traditional
"Sweet Jane" Velvet Underground
"Do You Love Me" Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
"Submission" Sex Pistols
"Substitute" The Who, via the Pistols
"Wipe Out" Ventures?
"You Broke My Heart in Little Tiny Pieces" ?
"Chinese Rocks" Heartbreakers
"I Wanna Be Your Dog" The Stooges
"I'll Be Your Mirror" Velvets
"London's Burning" The Clash
"1969" The Stooges
"My Face is on Your Lunchbox" The Vomit Pigs
"Louie Louie/Wild Thing" Kingsmen/Animals
"Captain Soul" a 60s instrumental by the Byrds
"No Fun" The Stooges
"Purple Haze" Hendrix

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