Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ah, Denton....

Not long into a YouTube search of topica Dentonica I came across this dubious tidbit and almost stopped watching right off---- that was, until it dawned on me that although this video was presumably shot only two years ago it betrays a sensibility that is at least 30 years behind the times. How typically "Denton"!

Usually, this special form of cultural retardation manifests itself simply as a rather poor and out-dated selection of jukebox offerings that are weighted toward the Heavy Metal end of things. But in this case, something else is afoot. Something decidedly more innocent and more intentionally silly. Something more middle class and also less self-conscious. These kids are capering about like we used to do for our parents' silent 8mm cameras. Even the unsuspecting peers they draw into their little project seem somewhat innocent and unjaded.

I don't know. It must be the water.

A Denton High School video
This is terribly corny and adolescent, and yet it's also somehow refreshing.

Plus it has a Beck song for a soundtrack.
Plus the kid who made it is a Norwegian American (Frisby).
Plus Beck is a Norwegian American.
Okay. Enough of that.

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Hey Po, have you seen this article?