Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy 28th, Miss LaToya!!!

LaToya had her 28th birthday last month, and we celebrated here with an old style mahaloo--- BYOB and BYOM (the latter stands for "Bring Your Own Meap"). You should definitely click on this top one to see what Fast Eddy has on his ears!
There was also a kegschen of Bitburger. (One never wants to run out of beverage at a mahaloo.) Red Steve and Miss Willow's beau, newly moved down from New England, hit it off at the bar.
It was really nice seeing Fast Eddy again. He was back on his feet after many long months of dealing with a herniated disc that was crushing a nerve.

The conversation was lively and entertaining. One would not wish for party chat to be otherwise!
Here you can see LaToya enjoying a plate of meap while Lady Willow brandishes her silverware at the photographer, obviously agitated about something. Perhaps it is because all that remains of her plate of meap is a barely perceptable yellowish stain--- enough to upset any woman of good standing and a reasonable degree of self respect.

Everyone had a great time, and it was nice seeing Curt and his wife Joannie. It was their first visit to our home, and Joannie announced that she was expecting their second baby. She had a strong feeling that it will be a boy, and two weeks later this was confirmed by her doctor.

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