Monday, September 22, 2008

Portland biking. Not a rant. Really.

Should you wish to experience the bike ride that Bil and I took from Buckman across the river to the Brewers' Dinner, well, here it is.

At about 1:00 or so, the route diverges slightly. The video here skirts along the left side of the park where the festival was held, whereas we skirted its right-hand side along the Willamette River.


Bill said...

Nice find! Come back and ride here anytime, Po.

Po said...

we are still secretly longing for it...

stoiczebra said...

Fun! Parts of that reminded me of trying to cross the Lamar bridge before they built the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge. And I'm intrigued as to how you shot that video. I've always worried that a bike-cam would be too shaky to be usable. Do tell!


P.S. Don't let your wife see this and the near miss with the trolley!!

Bill said...

I think the video skews the perspective a little. The Hawthorne bridge has 15-foot sidewalks on each side with occasional markers to guide pedestrians to the right and bicycles to the left. The video looked all jiggly, but it's actually an easy, comfortable ride (or walk).

The Lamar bridge has, what, 6-foot sidewalks with occasional narrows down to 4 feet? It was a terrible place to walk; forget riding a bike there.

Po said...


I didn't shoot this video, I just nabbed it off of YouTube.