Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Words of Comfort and Joy

Last Friday evening at the local HEB express lane----

Po approaches the counter and sets a sixer of IPA's thereupon.

Po- "Hey, how's it going?"
Clerk- "Good. Can I see some ID?"
Po- "Certainly!"
Clerk- "Wow! Okay. Thanks, man."
Po- (laughing) "You can check my ID any time you want!"
Clerk- "You're younger than I am!"
Po- "It must be my low-stress job."

This may be the last time I ever get carded, so I wanted to record it somehow. I got carded almost every time I bought beer the first five years or so after we moved into our new house. Then it started tapering off. I was carded last May when a bunch of us Social Studies teachers went out for happy hour. I was carded about twice in the Fall. Now this. And that might be it for ever and ever.

But I hope not!

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