Friday, March 6, 2009

New Song

'Haven't shown this to the other Dentones yet, but here are the lyrics to a new song I'd like to break out of the box once we get this recording thing wrapped up.

Pride of Barbados

Cut your loss, old Antaeus, half-buried in the sand-
there's a dearth of inspiration in the land.
No herculean effort can alleviate the curse
when the stream of consciousness flows in reverse.

When this conversation ends, it will all be over.
When this conversation's done, it will all be through.

Ranger Rick said-- Sunday morning's really not my style,
Why sit inside when all the world's a hymn-
Every leaf on every tree is scribed in holy verse
dedicated to the one, the great "I Am".

You know the pride of Barbados will still be blooming--
the poor man's bird of paradise-- there in the yard.

But over on the West side-
not a thing for everybody-
Join your little boys' club--- Alpha Beta Chi.
Is this a sin?
Not everybody can get in-
They like to ball.
They like to ball.
They like to ball.

Hey, ho, here we go!
Skip the Light Fantastic!
Journey down to Mexico and buy a saint that's made of plastic.
Oh, no! Johnny on the run--
live your live completely-
Iron all the wrinkles out and fold the corners very neatly.

Over on the East side-
gonna pop another baby--
maybe make the biggest family in 11th grade.
Is this a sin?
The baby just don't look like him.
She likes to ball.
She likes to ball.
She likes to ball.

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