Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Like the Old Days

Many years ago, before marriage and children had blessed our lives and the lives of our many friends, we created a rather large ersatz family. A dozen or more of us twenty-somethings would gather together frequently to share meals, celebrate birthdays, and, usually with the accompaniment of copious amounts of beer, mark the passage of time while enjoying each others' company.

Three quotes that stand out in my mind that define those days--

"It's only 12:30?!?! It's still EARLY!"
-Sean catching his second wind after midnight

"So, where's the party tonight?"
-Misty upon arriving at Haus Hopper after work on a weekday

"The Austin weekend starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday, and we practice for it on Wednesday."
-yours truly summarizing the general way of things at the time

We eventually grew up. We got married and created real families, and life got much, much better. Still, a part of me has missed the frequent gatherings. Others from our group have felt the same way. A couple months ago several people lamented our seeming lameness and complacency-- how easy it has been to give up trying to organize gatherings and to measure the time between social events in months rather than in weeks or days. Of course it cannot ever be like it was all those years ago, and indeed it really shouldn't be.

Happily, and counter to the trend of the last several years, this past month has been especially active: Party last month at Bookhart's. Party at Jeffry's watching Smash Riley. Party here eight days ago. Party at Pidge's two days ago. Party here again yesterday (okay, a Thanksgiving feast), and even more on the horizon!

In short, it has been rather like the old days.

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