Monday, November 17, 2008

Worst Song Ever!

I was shopping Kohl's tonight with Davis while Mila took Onni to her first Girl Scouts meeting. Department store music is generally pretty vapid, but this song struck me as especially awful.
Seeing the photograph on Youtube somewhat lessens the blow, so to feel full brunt of the tune's sheer mediocrity I suggest that you avert your eyes from the picture and instead imagine yourself strolling through aisles of clothing looking for something that even vaguely resembles the clothes in the newspaper insert that brought you to a big box department store in the first place.

This song is the soundtrack to disappointment.

Be patient, and don't be fooled by the somewhat cool (if ubiquitous) drums at the beginning. You must wait until 1:10 for this crap to reach its full crescendo of stank.

1 comment:

mrpod said...

I have a processing disorder:
"My underware is yella -ella -ella -ella"