Friday, July 18, 2008

Hazard a Guess?

Can you complete the list below?

Fastest Growing Cities in the United States

1. New Orleans
2. Victorville, California
3. McKinney, Texas
4. North Las Vegas
5. Cary, North Carolina
6. Killeen, Texas
7. Port St. Lucie, Florida
8. Gilbert, Arizona
9. Clarksville, Tennessee
10. ??????????????


Lee said...

Since that is clearly not a list of only big cities, or metropolitan areas, but just cities period, I'm going to guess No. 10 is Round Rock.

Po said...

No! No! No es Round Rock! No!

Lee said...

Then I'm going to take a scattershot guess: Austin, or Las Vegas, or McAllen.

Po said...

Sorry, mate. Three more strikes.

Bookhart said...


Po said...

Si! Correcto! Senorita Bookharte es mas muy sientesemos! Bravala y muy buelo! Comblata, comblata, comblata!