Thursday, July 17, 2008

These Feet Were Made for Walking...

I don't know what I think about this recent offering.

It seems to be based on a program that ignores a lot of factors that are really important for the would-be walker, like a major highway or perhaps an impassable river. Case in point-- our local HEB is exactly two miles away by car, but Walkscore places it at only half that distance-- obviously taking the measurement "as the crow flies".

Still, it's worth a look, and it certainly seems to aimed at promoting a worthy cause.

And, by the way, our neighborhood scores an abysmal 14 points. It also sports at least 3 Hummers (amid an ocean of other SUV's), one of which has a custom-made Barbee wrap. Lord save us all!

How do we cope? Why, by reciting this mantra, of course! "Good schools, no crime, close to work. Good schools, no crime, close to work. Good schools, no crime, close to work. Good schools, no crime..."


stephen said...

your link doesn't show up on the black background, and it doesn't link. (or it didn't in my feed, and my cursor didn't alter wandering in the black)

on to the post! suppose your neighborhood didn't have fences everywhere and was radically pedestrian friendly. (yeah, it's a stretch). as the crow flies wouldn't be bad. paths through neighbors' gardens to the market might be a nice walk. your garden's fabu! however that torrential river will just have to go. or y'all could chip in on a bridge.

Lee said...

Yeah, that's why there is such a push-back against the way suburbs are designed. The notion of completely separating homes from commercial zones was a bad idea, and now that gas prices have gone through the roof, it's become a terrible idea.

(None of this is a judgment on you, by the way – if Mags and I had waited just a few more years to buy, rising housing prices in Austin might have forced us into the 'burbs as well.)

My central-city neighborhood only scored a 54. I'm surprised. I think Crestview is tremendously walkable, with lots of amenities within easy reach. Perhaps they just don't like the sidewalk design (or lack thereof) of Lamar, Anderson, and Burnet.

Bookhart said...

We got 48. The question is, do I WANT to walk to the Goodwill that is featured as the nearest available clothing store?

Anonymous said...

89. That's our score. Which didn't surprise me. Now, some of the amenities are not exactly kid-friendly. The closest bookstore is Lobo. That gave me a good chuckle. And a new bar opened down the street recently. Oh! and we do have Dreamers and Oat Willie's two blocks from us but then that is next to Vulcan Video.

We have a little yard and a little house. No real room for the kiddo to ride a bike. We will be joining our neighbors with kids using the Breed and Company parking lot when it is closed or going down to the Senior Activity Center to let our kid ride.

We walk a lot in the neighborhood though. Recent walking trips have included Wheatsville, Amy's, Central Market, Mangia Pizza, Breed's, and Drungo's Icehouse. Now, if only we had a Target closer.


Lee said...

Hey, check out what just popped up in the Austin Business Journal.