Sunday, July 13, 2008

Southern Town, Belgian Beer, Norwegian Price

Just got back last night from a fantastic family trip to North Carolina. More postings on that in the near future.

We found ourselves in Memphis Saturday evening at about supper time with two hours until boarding time, so we sauntered into a Memphis Blues-themed restaurant right there in the airport and had a real, sit-down meal right amidst all the hustle and bustle of a cross country sojourn with kids in tow.

The menu was promising, and the prices seemed reasonable---- for the locale. Just down the concourse they were selling single BBQ sandwiches for $7.50, so an entree on a real plate with real side dishes for $9.99 seemed like a steal. Consequently, I ordered a .5 litre (normal pints are about .4) glass of Stella Artois, which they had on tap. There was no price listed, which should have raised my suspicion. Should have.

Oh well, it was the end of our vacation, and the beer tasted like the very nectar of the gods... so golden, so crisp, so mellow and round. Mila happily helped me make it disappear, and then we decided to order another one.

The punchline: each beer cost $9.49. Do the math.

Ha ha!


Lee said...

Margaret and I had a similar experience at Legends, the sports bar in the Holiday Inn at 183 & MoPac, at a football-watching gathering of Mizzou alumni. The most attractive beer on the menu was Longhammer IPA, so we ordered a pitcher. And then another. And then another. (Hey, it was a long game.)

I was stunned when I got the bill. They charge $18 a pitcher for Longhammer. (A ridiculous price -- a couple of weeks later I was in a different bar, and they charged about $10.)

They really ought to relay the price information BEFORE they have a mean drunk on their hands. And when I saw my bill, I was feeling pretty mean.

stephen said...

1991 train from prague to berlin. beers 50 cents. cross the border same beers 250 cents.

Karla said...

9.49 for a beer in Norway would still be a bargain...I'd pay 50 nok for a beer with no complaints.

I pay 40 for a coffee!

But yes that is ridiculously expensive for the US.