Monday, December 29, 2008

Deafening Silence

If the sudden cessation of the usual stream of comments from my friends here is any indication, my last post must have been a bit over the top. Please know that my criticism is of the culture at large. There were no hidden jabs at my own family or any other family or individual. Really.

Also, I hope that there is a positive subtext there. It is possible to reject the way that we've been led to believe that Christmas must be. We can always choose to do it differently.


Bill said...

Po: I would have left an "attaboy" comment on your rant about Christmas, but I'm just now uncurling myself from the fetal position I go into every year at this time.

Happy Epiphany!

Bookhart said...

Two things: first, lots of people are traveling at Christmas time and not necessarily checking blogs. The number of comments I receive on posts always drops over the holiday. Second, you just don't know what posts will encourage people to comment and which ones won't. I have drafted lengthy, time-consuming posts that I thought would generate all sorts of commentary and had zip zero zilch response, and then I throw a Youtube video up on a whim and get a ton of comments. You just can't tell.

Happy New Year.