Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Roots of the Dentones- the 60s and 70s

Note: Most entries are in the words of the person they are about.

Satsy and Pod born in Denton, Texas

Po born in Atlanta, Georgia. Interesting note: Po is younger than Sandy Marshall.

Big A born in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Satsy given first guitar by father. Between now and 1983 would learn to tune.

Po moves to Denton, Tx.

Po takes piano lessons and writes his first song: "Cristobalito".

Pod begins trumpet lessons with member of NTSU 1 o’clock lab band on his old high school cornet.

Satsy attempts to write songs. At this point knows how to play recorder and some musical notation. Nothing ever completed. Nothing survives to present.
Pod plays trumpet in Woodrow Wilson Elementary School band, continues playing trumpet and taking lessons.

Po begins learning trombone in the Frank Borman Elementary School band.

Following his interest in lower tones, Po switches from trombone to tuba.

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Bill said...

I always wanted to hear the early history...

I knew I'd found my life's mate when we discovered we both had played trombone. We always say we're going to work up a version of Black Dog for two 'bones; now that I know Pod also plays, maybe we can add a third.