Friday, December 12, 2008

Roots of the Dentones-- 1982

Spring- Po sees the Mudflaps (with Mike Austin, Les Black, and Donal Hinley) play "Suffragette City" in the DHS auditorium and is impressed by the sound of the bass guitar, which he had never before heard in a live, loud setting. Po (tuba) tells Mooky (trumpet) that if Mooky ever buys a guitar, Po will buy a bass.

DHS talent show also includes Matt Johnson’s band that plays “Freewill” by Rush.

Fall-- Po's brother Deeb buys a beginner's electric guitar and amp. Po is surprised at how cheap rock n' roll gear can be.

Late Fall, Po begins to buy a Kay bass guitar from Trey Darby on a payment plan. Mooky buys a guitar and an amp. In December they begin playing with BM and The Toy in an unheated shed in BM's backyard. The inside walls are covered with old, hippy-ish paintings from kids of the previous owners of the house. The Toy uses pots, pans, a Sprite bottle, and his motorcycle helmet as a drum kit.

Mudflaps play New Years Eve party at Pod’s house, put on by his brother D'Erik; hardwood floor is permanently damaged.


mrpod said...

Matt Johnson is currently the guitar player for this person:

mrpod said...

"playing with BM"

... that's just nasty

Anonymous said...

It's worth pointing out that the rumbling bass in the DHS auditorium that day was the great Jamison Crump, although I think T-roy Williams was on board for the New Year's Party. Oh and, uh...Pod and D'Erik... sorry about the hardwoods -- I'll bet your mom chased you around the house with a rolling pin after that!

KarenG said...

God knows I was there and have never heard Suffragette without thinking of Donal and Les. Loved, loved loved them as only a seventeen year old girl could...