Monday, December 1, 2008

Feelin' Pink!

Last Monday at about 8:00 I got sick. It was like some invisible hand had hit a switch. Fine one moment, sore throat and a bit woozy the next.
I went to school Tuesday. It takes SO long to prep for a sub, that and Pops always taught us to play hurt. No wimps in the Thomassen household, by gum! We Norskies didn't....uh.... (what did the Norwegians do?)...uh... invent the paperclip by lying around sick in bed like a bunch of people who couldn't do something like that. Oh!

Mila, who had gotten sick a few days earlier with similar symptoms, went to the goctor on Wednesday (I think) and ere long was reaping the benefits of modern anti-biotics. I put off going. My goctor is far away and it was the holidays and, besides, how long can something like this last, anyhow?

Day 8 started today, and I woke up with pink eye and feeling quite low on energy. Headache, mild chills, sore throat. The last three I could deal with, but pink eye is supposed to be wildly contagious.

Okay. I complained.

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Po said...

Forgot to say that I ended up going to the goctor yesterday.