Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Roots of the Dentones-- 1983

Satsy learns first guitar chord during senior year of high school.
Satsy moves to Austin and enrolls at University of Texas. Most time spent listening to Who records and trying to learn to play mother's Yamaha classical guitar. Learns some more chords and about 30 Beatles songs from songbooks.

Po, Mooky and Papoose are, by this time, the core of a budding band. Various people they play with include Pod, John Christy, and Chris Walker. Days Go By: Roots Rock Eventually they form "The Paisley Ascot" with James Moore.

Pod buys first electric guitar, an Aria SG copy and Peavey Bandit amp, from Glen’s Pawn shop on the square.

Pod buys Black and white telecaster from Snackplate. Snackplate tries to teach Pod his first chord and shakes his head in dismay and says, “Man, I don’t know” because Pod’s hands are too weak to make a barre chord for the first E chord of “Can’t Explain”.

Pod sells Aria SG and buys yellow 1972 Fender Stratocaster after chance encounter with person at Prodigal Sound Music. As of 2008, this is still his primary electric guitar.

Pod begins to hang out and jam often with Snackplate, Lonnie Gann, Joe Bleese, Jeff LaForte, Scott Marder, Craig Enos, (and a couple of times with Micheal Fabrizio, later Vegetarian Bluejay of Austin) mostly playing two hour versions of “Down by the River”.

Pod attends NTSU in the Fall and meets Kipp Schwalm in English class, they begin playing regularly and recording with a Fostex four track recorder.

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